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Dream Job - Jeff Henderson

Many of us spend over 30% of our lives at a job and, according to Gallup, almost 80% of us are dissatisfied while we’re there. That’s rather depressing, isn’t it? We’ll spend almost a third of our lives on something that creates dissatisfaction. Are we okay with this?

Perhaps we need to hit the reset button and rediscover what “work” is all about and where it came from. When we do, we discover something remarkable: the idea that work came from our heavenly Father. It’s his idea. And when we understand work from God’s perspective, we discover the real meaning and purpose behind it.

When we discover the purpose of work, we discover that there is no such thing as a job without purpose. This means that all of us can experience something remarkable: a job with purpose, meaning, and satisfaction. In other words, a dream job.

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